What is an ultrasonic cleaner?
Ultrasonic cleaners are cleaning machines that uses high frequency sound waves to clean objects. The process of using an ultrasonic cleaner involves placing the object in water and then exposing it to ultrasound, which causes cavitation bubbles (tiny air pockets) to form on its surface. These bubbles implode with great force, causing dirt particles trapped within them to be blasted off the object’s surface into solution, where they can be easily removed by rinsing or filtering out.
How does an ultrasonic cleaner work?
Ultrasonic cleaners use high frequency sound waves to create a cavitation effect. This is the same process that occurs when you drop an object into water, and it creates bubbles around itself as it falls through the water. The ultrasonic cleaner uses this principle, but instead of using gravity to pull objects down, they are pulled up by powerful vibrations created in the liquid inside your unit. These vibrations cause microscopic bubbles (cavitations) which implode on themselves.
For what do I need to look out for when comparing an ultrasonic cleaner?
The most important thing is the size of the tank. If you have a small ultrasonic cleaner, it will be able to clean only smaller objects and not larger ones. Also, look for an adjustable timer that allows you to set how long your object should stay in there – this way you can avoid over-cleaning or under-cleaning your part pieces. Another feature worth looking out for is whether the unit has a heater inside (this one’s optional). It helps with cleaning more materials.
Parsonic 2600s

2.6 lit Tank Volume
70 Watt Max

Parsonic 7500s

6 lit Tank Volume
100 Watt Max

Parsonic 11s

9 lit Tank Volume
150 Watt Max

Parsonic 15s

12 lit Tank Volume
200 Watt Max

Parsonic 30s

28 lit Tank Volume
400 Watt Max

Parsonic 60sB

63 lit Tank Volume
600 Watt Max

Parsonic 90s-120s-200s

90-120-200 lit Tank Volume
800-1200-1800 Watt Max
Parsonic Immersible

800 Watt Max
1200 Watt Max
Parsonic 1200s

1200 lit Tank Volume
4800 Watt Max
PARS NAHAND ENGINEERING COMPANY pjs (PNEC) has been registered as an engineering company mainly active in medical and industrial engineering and research in 1994, TEHRAN, IRAN.
With our experienced management and well educated technical staff and consultants and wide range of local and international suppliers, we serve our customers in Electronic , Automation, Mechanic and Computer field.
PNEC is a member of PARDIS TECHNOLOGY PARK since 2005 and based at its own building since 2008 in this techpark.
PNEC is the sole manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners (PARSONIC ™) in IRAN and manufacture various models under ISO 9001:2015, 13485:2016 quality management system approval and IEC 1010-1:1993 , IEC 653:1979, IEC 886:1987, AS 2773:1985 requirement.
Our Ultrasonic Cleaners are tested and approved for medical application by IRANIAN MINISTRY OF HEALTH.
Ultrasonic Cleaner has a wide variety of application in medical field, including Dentistry and Surgery operating rooms for ultra cleaning of surgical instruments to prevent transfer of contaminants during surgical operation.
From 1999, PNEC design and manufacture custom made Ultrasonic Cleaners up to 1000 litter, which are now active in many industrial field like as Optic, Electronic, Communication, Petrochemical, Textile, Rail way and Aviation, Car and Automotive, Gold and Jewellery, Metal and Mine, Nano and Bio Technology etc. as well as Hospital, Laboratory, University and Research Center.

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